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Question: My daughter is almost a year old and she's had this raised bump on the left side of her head around the left temple. The coloring seems to change a bit from pale pink to a thromboses dark pink. I have taken her to a dermatologist. who said it was a , "Juvenile Xanthrogranuloma. What is this and will it go away?

DR.PAUL: Juvenile Xanthogranuloma(or nevoxanthoendothelioma) is considered a benign problem of children that goes away on its own(involutes). Most lesions are either present at birth(20%) or develop during the first year : they may increase in size and number during this time. Then after the first 18months or so, they will start to go away on their own. There can be a few or even hundreds of lesions(typically are yellow to reddish-brown in color)... But the good news it is considered benign and will eventually go away. Most children have these on the skin only.

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